GNU/Linux ACM AUTh Team is the second team to be formed inside the ACM AUTh Chapter environment. It was founded after the Introduction to Linux event, presented at the department by Stefanos Laskaridis, Chair.

Mission Statement

The team was founded with 3 main axes in mind. Learn, absorb and create, actions that constitute the driving force of the team. The ulterior aim is to learn about the Linux ecosystem and offer back through software development to the open-source community.

Amongst others, suggested tasks to be undertaken by the team are:

  • Learn about Linux history, GNU and free/libre software
  • Scripting
  • System administration
  • Linux internals and kernel development
  • Linux networking and security
  • Open-source projects development
  • Git


Our team currently consists of 6 main members, with many more contributing periodically.

Contact info:

For more information on the team and access to its presentations and meetings schedule, you can follow us here: