Our chapter is proud to have formed a game development team working on Unity 3D, a game development platform. The team was founded during the first 3D Game Development Event presentation by our Vice Chair Miltos Nedelkos.


An overwhelming number of students (roughly fifty) attended the event and were all interested in being part of the development team. The best and most active students went on and are currently working on a real RPG game under the management of Miltos.

The goals of this process are multiple:

  • to improved design and development skills, during the undergraduate course
  • to familiarize with cutting-edge technology in a creative way
  • to forge bonds between students, the chapter and the university itself
  • to form the chapters first basis for future projects e.g. the Unity environment can serve as a testbed for AI algorithms

Here are some facts about our target game:

  • Title: Dragonstone Isle
  • Genre : RPG, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Expected Gameplay : 5 hours to completion (*targeting also replayability with exploration)
  • Expected Alpha Release : TBA
  • Main Objective: Retrieve the King’s stolen dragonstone guarded by a beast
  • Gameplay Style: Third-Person camera, multiple key bound abilities 
  • Character Classes: Mage, Warrior
  • Language: English
  • Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux
  • Design Framework: Unity3D


‚ÄčAnd the team members in detail:

  1. Miltos Nedelkos : Founder, Lead Project Manager, Scripting, GUI design, Lore, Puzzle concepts
  2. Philip Lanaras : Lead Scripting, Project Manager
  3. Argiris Chatziargiriou : Lead Lore, Battle System Design, Music
  4. Ioannis Pierros : Lead Level Design, Lore
  5. Panagiotis Kolokotronis : Marketing, Models
  6. Christodoulos Tryfonidis : Scripting
  7. Stayros Mischos : Lead Music, Puzzle concepts
  8. Thanos Roidis : Scripting
  9. Christos Darisaplis : Lore, Level Design
  10. Antonis Nestoridis : Lore, Level Design
  11. Marinos Poiitis : Lore, Level Design
  12. Manolis Kirtas : Level Design
  13. Alexandros Allafi : Level Design
  14. Lamprini Kirkou : Model Re-skin
  15. Kostas Mpenos : Lead Models
  16. Kostis : Level Design, Music
  17. Achileas Mouratidis : Models


Older Members

  • Vasilis Martidis (4 months) : GUI design
  • Dinos Pitsakidis (3 months) : Lore, GUI Concept
  • Magda Paschali (3 months) : Level Design
  • Andreas Paspatis (2 months) : Lore 
  • Kostas Argyropoulos (2 months) : Level Design
  • Kyriaki Ftergioti (2 months) : GUI Concept, GUI Design


Some pictures of the earliest stages in development :